Keynote Sessions

Presenter: Jordana Borenstazjn, Victoria
When: Monday 9.00am-9.40am
Where: Plenary Room
Stream: Keynotes

Marketing Matters . . . For the Record

Marketing is important for everyone – not just for sales. In this high-energy keynote, Jordana will teach you valuable marketing skills to promote your team’s message. You’ll learn about the foundations of a strong marketing strategy, gain more confidence and expand your marketing skill set to help you educate your organisation on how your daily duties positively impact the wider business

Presenter: Paul Olenick – AvePoint, USA
When: Monday 4.25pm-5.05pm
Where: Plenary Room
Stream: Keynotes

It’s records management – just not as we know it

5 proven steps for running a successful Records Management program in an Office 365 world

Organisations across the globe are moving rapidly towards cloud-based solutions with governments and private enterprise alike adopting cloud first policies. As part of this evolution, Microsoft Office 365 has emerged as next-gen information management solution, allowing customers to intuitively and easily manage classification and retention policies for content spanning across document repositories, email, social collaboration, personal files and more.

With more organisations migrating to and expanding their use of Office 365, Microsoft is becoming an industry leader in the records management space. As a result, it has never been more important for Records Managers to understand the benefits, features, risks and gaps in this rapidly changing landscape.

In this session, Paul Olenick, Microsoft MVP and Director of Product Strategy at AvePoint, will critically discuss and showcase the benefits and challenges of where records management is heading and the global move towards cloud based information management. Attendees will get an introduction to the evolving Office 365 tool set and a practical guide for getting the most out of the powerful features around classification, retention, compliance and more

Whether you’re an Office 365 pro or relatively new to the platform, this session will leave you armed with information and practical tips for manage your organisation’s information in this new wave of records management tools.

Presenter: Sidney Netshakhuma – University of Mpumalanga, South Africa
When: Tuesday 9.45am-10.25am
Where: Plenary Room
Stream: Keynotes

Implementation of SharePoint as an RM System: Case study of the University of Mpumalanga

This study presents the finding of an empirical study on implementation of SharePoint at the University of Mpumalanga.  The general objectives of the investigation were to determine the information governance compliance to the legal framework, identify the requisite infrastructure for digital records management, describe the security and preservation measures and find out the challenges of managing digital record specifically to the issues of authenticity, reliability and accessibility of records. The results of the study revealed that the University of Mpumalanga had taken a number of initiatives aimed at establishing records management practices. However, the results showed that the university is faced with a number of challenges in its efforts to manage digital records of those required. Based on the results of this study, there is a need for proper planning before organisation embarked on introducing electronic records management system.

Presenter: Mark Squirrell, VIC
When: Tuesday 2.15pm-2.55pm
Where: Plenary Room
Stream: Keynotes

Learning through adversity

From car bombings to meeting Yasser Arafat and climbing big mountains in the Himalayas, Mark ‘Squiz’ Squirrell has experienced more than many can dream about.  Squiz was awarded the coveted “Green Beret” whilst serving with the Australian Commando’s and then went on to work across the globe as an International Aid Worker.  Squiz escorted food convoys through the Gaza Strip, negotiated with the Liberation Tigers of Tamel Eelam (Tamil Tigers) and brokered deals with Somali Clansmen to ensure the safe delivery of United Nations food aid.Squiz will be speaking of the leadership required to work and live in some of the world’s most inhospitable and challenging environments on the planet.  Strap on your seatbelt as you will be thrust into the delicate leadership decisions that had a direct impact on the lives of those enduring the ravages of conflict and natural disaster.  Although the environments are acute and unimaginable for Australians, we will see that these leadership principles apply equally to all facets of our working life

Presenter: Toni Moate, TAS
When: Wednesday 11.15am-11.55am
Where: Plenary Room
Stream: Keynotes

Holding yourself to account

They say that Leaders leave a long shadow. After winning the 2017 Tasmanian Telstra Business Woman of the Year Award I was asked “What do I stand for?” and “What are my key messages?” It made me reflect on who I was as a leader, did my day-to-day actions withstand scrutiny, and was I comfortable with the shadow I left behind?
In this presentation I will share the evolution of my leadership style, the challenges and the triumphs, and the lessons I learned along the way.

Presenter:  Kate FuellingVIC
When: Wednesday 12.00am-12.40pm
Where: Plenary Room
Stream: Keynotes

Optimism is the new Black

The future is racing towards us. Change has always been a part of the human landscape, but now, more than ever before, change is happening at an exponential rate. It’s remarkable to see what innovation is bringing to the world.  On the other hand, it’s disruptive, it’s confronting, and it makes us worry about what is to come. Then how do we, as organisations and people, meet the future with confidence, with optimism, with integrity?     And how do we start today?

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