Information For Delegates

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can we purchase one registration and share it amongst several people?

    Yes of course, we encourage you to take advantage of the information provided by the convention and if you need to share a registration to do this so be it. As you will only be supplied one name tag you will need to manage the transfer of tickets, etc but we are happy for you to use the registration desk as a drop off and collection point.  Please note that staff cannot be onsite at the same time.

    Unfortunately this has been misused in the past so please note that if you misuse this and are caught doing so RIMPA reserve the right to charge you for another registration (eg misuse includes the use of a Trade Visitor registration which is for free viewing of the trade exhibition to attend workshops while another staff member is in sessions).

  • Why isn’t the Trade open to the public at lunchtime?

    A Trade Visitor Registration is free (ie no cost) to encourage non-delegates to view the trade exhibition during the quieter times during the convention.  Delegates and Trade Exhibitors both pay to be at the convention and it is only fair that those paying have exclusive access to each other in the prime time of availability, ie during the main convention break daily.

  • Why is the convention so expensive?

    Actually it isn’t expensive in comparison to many of the conferences and seminars available, especially when you consider that in addition to the multiple stream program and trade exhibition it includes day catering, a number of networking and social events, and workshops that are often additional cost with other organisations. RIM Professionals Australasia work very hard behind the scenes to maintain the level of quality the convention has become recognised for without passing the costs on.

  • Can I negotiate payment terms for my registration?

    If you are an individual member, yes you can! When purchasing a registration you can contact RIM Professionals Australasia and arrange to pay on a fortnightly or monthly basis if you wish to spread the cost, but the final payment must be received by 31 August 2018.

Important Dates

Event Date
Call for Papers Close 1 February 2018
Registrations Open Mid March 2018
Early Bird Registration Cut Off 30 June 2018
Hotel Deals Cut Off 31 July 2018
Convention Papers Available Online 24 September 2018

Opening Times

Registration Desk

Sunday 9 September:
Monday 10 September:
Tuesday 11 September:
Wednesday 12 September:

Exhibition Delegate Opening Times

Sunday 9 September:
Monday 10 September:
Tuesday 11 September:
Wednesday 12 September:

Exhibition Public Opening Times

Sunday 9 September:
Monday 10 September:
9.00am-12.00pm and 2.00pm-5.00pm
Tuesday 11 September:
9.00am-12.00pm and 2.00pm-5.00pm
Wednesday 12 September:

Rooms at Venue


  • Meetings – Tasman B & C


  • Plenary Sessions – Plenary Hall
  • Concurrent Sessions – Tasman A
  • Workshops – Tasman B & C
  • Exhibition & Catering – Boardwalk Gallery and Wellington Room

Appropriate Dress

For inForum the following dress rules apply:

  • Meetings, Sessions and Workshops – Smart Casual
  • Farewell Function and Branch Dinners – Smart Casual
  • Welcome Function –  Smart Casual
  • Gala Awards Dinner – Semi Formal or Fancy Dress

Catering and Special Dietary Requirements

Exhibitors will be served 15 minutes prior to delegates except at lunch on Wednesday which is all inclusive.

If you have advised us of your special dietary requirements there will be an allocated location for you to collect your meals.  At social functions, breakfast and dinner please make yourself known to wait staff to ensure you dietary needs are met.

All morning tea, afternoon tea and lunches will be served in the Exhibition area.

Convention Presentations and Papers

Will be available in the Member’s Only section of the RIM Professionals Australasia website on Monday 24 September 2018.

Six months membership is included in non-member registrations so that the papers can be accessed. If you are a non member and do not receive your membership information prior to 22 September please contact for details.

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