Breakfast Sessions

Presenter: David Zemann DocsCorp
When: Tuesday 7.30am-8.55am
Where: Wellington Room
Stream: Breakfast

Breakfast: Protect against accidental information leaks

Have you ever accidentally sent an email to the wrong person? More often than not, this is just a harmless mistake – but if that email contains sensitive or confidential information it can lead to fines or even legal action.

Learn about protecting your organisation from accidentally disclosing information or data over email with a new feature of our proven solution, cleanDocs. We’ll also take a look at how cleanDocs helps users clean metadata, flag high-risk email recipients and compress attachments at sub-second speeds.







Presenter: Alyssa Blackburn – AvePoint, QLD When: Wednesday 7.30am-8.55am Where: Wellington Room Stream: Breakfast

Breakfast: Records Management Pilates stretching to the Cloud

Managing your information in the cloud may feel like a stretch too far, however with more and more organisations moving to cloud based infrastructure and services, it’s never been more important to limber up and start reaching.

Join us for this entertaining breakfast session, where AvePoint’s information management lead, Alyssa Blackburn will take you through some records management Pilates to help you comfortably make that stretch.

She’ll give you some tips and tricks for approaching this new horizon and take you through AvePoint’s flexible software solution, Cloud Records that bends and flexes to your information management needs.

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