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The conference theme for 2017 is a little different – 4 streams – 1 great program:

Stream 1 : Dynamic Digital
“How deep is the rabbit hole?”
This stream covers social media, non-text channels (ie chat, video, voice), content vs context, being a digital champion, data capture, digital security, and so much more.

Stream 2 : Business Buy In
“How do I get management to support RIM?”
This stream covers demonstrating value, gaining support and management buy in through optimising Operations,
Information Governance, Compliance & Risk and meeting Critical Business Needs.

Stream 3 : RIM 101
“Have we got the basics right?”
This stream covers defining records and information management, records frameworks, business classification
systems, identifying requirements, implementing systems, user training, retention and disposal schedules, offsite and
secondary storage, standards, etc.

Stream 4 : About Me
“How can I improve my skills?”
This stream covers leadership skills, how to stay motivated, performance management, networking skills, project
management, managing a team, professional development and more.

It is intended to offer presentations aimed at varying levels of expertise ranging through tactical, operational and