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Stream 1 : Absolutely Accessible
This stream is all about obtaining the right information in the right format, on any device, anywhere in the world and covers Enterprise Content Management (ECM), security, scanning, FOI, privacy, knowledge management, system implementations (incl. system specifications, tender evaluation, testing and roll-out), the Cloud, digitisation programs and solutions such as Office 365 and SharePoint.

Stream 2 : Strategic Sagacity
This stream covers Strategic and Operational planning, Information Governance, Compliance, managing Risk, meeting Critical Business Needs, writing policies and procedures, disaster planning and more.

Stream 3 : Becoming Better Leaders
This stream covers becoming a leader with a vision and being proactive not reactive. It includes improving leadership skills, motivating teams, networking skills, change management, performance management, multi-generational teams, project management and professional development.

It is intended to offer presentations aimed at varying levels of expertise ranging through tactical, operational and strategic.